2 Nations Divided By A Common Language

The above title is quote which is supposedly said by Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde.  No one is quite sure who should get credit for it but I thought it was fitting as a title for this months blog.

I spent some time this summer in England and Scotland. (which I highly recommend!) My kids kept a journal and one of the things that they wrote about were words that mean one thing in England and Scotland and something different here in the States. We had a lot of fun learning the new meanings so I thought I would share a few with you. (The answers are below, no peeking)


Lee Ann


English and Scottish


1. Mind

A. Potatoes

2. Chips

B. Stroller

3. Nappies

C. Exit

4. Take Away

D. Bridge

5. Queue

E. Rent

6. Lorry

F. Flash light

7. Way Out

G. Leash

8. Lift

H. French Fries

9. Tatties

I. Line

10. Torch

J. Take notice of (be careful of)

11. Fly Over

K. Elevator

12. Leed

L. To Go

13. Buggy

M. 18 Wheeler

14. To Let

N. Diaper

Answers: 1-J,2-H,3-N,4-L,5-I,6-M,7-C,8-K,9-A,10-F,11-D,12-G,13-B.14-E

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